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Rick Larkin

Title: President

Nicknames: Sir Rick, Agua Dulce

Favorite Quote: "Make It Happen."

Fun Facts:

  • He loves to cook and especially loves cooking from his outdoor pizza oven.

  • He is a liquor connoisseur, with his favorites being Macallan and Blanton's.

  • And when he has a drink in one hand, you'll typically find him with a Padrón Cigar in the other.

Rick’s love for the City of Mansfield began when he made the big move back in 2004. This is a place where he could see a future of raising his family, starting a business, and beginning a new chapter of his life. A successful entrepreneur, he has opened and maintained several businesses within the city and has loved every minute of it. During his time growing his businesses, Rick quickly learned that an essential skill to have was simply “people skills”.


In December of 2021, Rick Larkin and business partner Brian Brzozowski became the new owners of the famous Troy Dorsey Karate School, located in the heart of Downtown Mansfield, where even Rick's son took classes from Troy when he was a kid. Fast forward to today, Rick has found broadcast and video to be powerful tools in the marketing of any sized company. Outside of Rick’s time at the studio, he loves spending time with his amazing wife, Kendra, and his four children and four grandchildren.

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